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Microcreditos Del Pacifico Products (USA ONLY)

MICROCREDITOS has a wide range of loan products to fit your needs as follows:

Personal loan  This type of loan can be for any term you need (not more than 24 months) and can be paid in various ways such as self amortizing (you owe nothing after the final payment), interest only or our “flex loan” with which you can skip a principal payment without our consent and extend the term of your loan.

Business loan Same as above but the amounts and need for security will differ.  A personal guarantee will be necessary if the borrower is a corporation.

Personal loans do not require a guarantee!

Approval process:

We can approve your loan and wire the funds to your bank within 48 hours if all necessary documents having been signed or you can pick up a check. Those documents will include a loan note and loan agreement. For some loans a guarantee form may be needed. For some loans we may also need a credit report.


There are certain costs associated with getting a loan that must be paid by the borrower. These may include a credit report, an origination fee and a filing fee if security is involved. These costs are deducted up front from the loan proceeds.

How much can you borrow:

For personal loans loans we will lend up to $5,000.00 (minimum $2,000.00)

For business loans we will lend up to $15,000.00

Other information:

1) If you already have a loan outstanding, depending upon your situation, we may still be able to help you.

2) You can use the money for any purpose

3) Payments can be made by cash or bank check at our address or mailed to us to arrive by the due date

For personal loans, please complete this loan application and fax to us at (914) 761-4672. 

For business loans, please call 914-948-2505.


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